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#beijingmeetsmelbourne - the book

In our vastly digital world, two documentary photographers, Nina and Nadja, found a shared resonance despite being separated by oceans and continents.

Both originally from Germany and now raising their children in far-flung lands, Nina immersed herself in the historic wonders of Beijing, while Nadja discovered the eclectic vibrancy of Melbourne.

For almost 2 years, week by week, they've stitched together tales of two lives, two cities, and two perspectives - documented under the hashtag #beijingmeetsmelbourne.

Every paired image is a dialogue – a conversation that oscillates between the ancient and modern, the urban and natural, the mundane and extraordinary. Their bond is palpable in the diptychs that fill this book, each one a testament to the power of art to transcend borders and reflect shared moments, differences, and passions.

Their weekly collaboration has come to an end, after almost 2 years. as Nina and her family are moving to a new adventure.

But what better way to end it than with a book!

An exclusive selection of only 20 books comes with one A4 fine art print of one of our favourite diptychs: night shift, wall art, wild life or signs.

Prints are randomly selected and printed on Canson Photographique 310gsm, a 100% cotton museum grade white Fine Art and photo paper.

Hardback, Soft Touch Laminate, 76 Pages, 31 diptychs in colour, 21x25 cm


Edition of 200 - proudly printed in Australia.

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